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JB Air offers a great selection of heating systems and professional installation and replacement services. Whether you are installing a brand-new heating system or just swapping out an old furnace or heat pump, our knowledgeable and experienced Modesto heating installation technicians offer expert services, personal attention, and precision installations. 

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When the heater breaks down, most homeowners immediately wonder if repair or replacement will be required to restore the heat. Replacing your heating system is inevitable, sooner or later. When heater repair isn’t the best way to solve your problem or your existing heater has reached the end of its life, heating replacement may be necessary. 

Heater Replacement May Be Recommended When: 

  • The heater is not heating the house efficiently 
  • The heater cycles on and off to frequently 
  • The temperature is uneven in different areas of the house 
  • The pilot light won’t stay lit 
  • Unusual odors 
  • Rising home heating costs 

Why Is My Furnace Short Cycling?

Short cycling refers to a furnace that constantly runs or repeatedly turns on and off. A furnace short cycling not only leads to a decrease in the system’s efficiency and performance, but can also cause the heater to overheat which can lead to wear and tear. While the air filter, flame sensor, or other internal component may be to blame for this problem, most cases typically stem from an oversized furnace. If a technician from our team confirms that this is the case with your unit, it may be time to consider a heating replacement in Modesto, CA.

Please contact JB Air at (209) 255-6882 for more information and a free estimate on heating replacement in Modesto, CA. 

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What Size Furnace Do I Need?

When selecting a furnace for your home, choosing the correctly sized heating system is of key importance. Installing a heater that is too large will often result in a loss of energy efficiency and overall home comfort, while a system that is too small won’t be able to provide your property with the heat you need.

In order to calculate furnace size, you’ll need to take into consideration your area’s climate as well as the system’s heating capacity. This refers to how much heat the system is able to produce which is a measurable unit referred to as BTUs, which will depend on the size and square footage of your property. If you’re uncertain of what size system you’ll need, feel free to contact our team for assistance.

How to Choose a New Heater

When something goes wrong with your heating system, an experienced Modesto heater installation technician can inspect it to help you determine if repair or replacement is the best solution to your problem. Advances in technology and the many options available can make selecting the right heating system for your home confusing. 

Options for Home Heating Include: 

  • Heat pumps: Heat pumps provide the advantage of both heating and cooling your home in one unit. A heat pump is most efficient in places with milder winters, which makes this type of heating system a good choice in our area. 
  • Furnaces: Furnaces remain popular for their fast, efficient, and consistent heating. There are options for electric and gas furnaces to accommodate your preferred fuel source. 
  • Dual fuel systems: A dual-fuel system uses both electricity and gas to maximize efficiency in all temperatures. You will enjoy enhanced comfort while controlling your home heating costs.
  • Ductless systems: A ductless mini-split system works like a smaller version of a heat pump and can provide both heating and cooling. Ductless systems are great for homes without a duct system and can create zones in different areas of the house. 

Several factors should be considered to help you make an informed decision, including the type of heating system, energy efficiency ratings, and costs. An experienced Modesto heating technician can help you choose the best system for you.  

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When it is time for a new heater, the heating specialists at JB Air can help you consider the options and choose the best system for your home. We are happy to take the time to answer your questions and provide reliable advice and free estimates on heating installation and replacement in Modesto. 

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